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A brief history of camouflage: military, art, and fashion

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The army is developing new camouflage patterns. Check out the Washington Post article.


Zebra Stripes

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A zebra’s stripes have nothing to do with camouflaging them in tall grass reports a research article in the Journal of Experimental Biology.

Liverpool Open Eye Photography Gallery

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The gallery’s new space is opening tomorrow. The facade of the gallery has a temporary installation of work by S Mark Gubb, a Cardiff based artist. Gubb’s installation is called Good Sailing and incorporates dazzle camouflage.

Exhibit Extended

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Update: The first floor of the exhibit (including history of camouflage and dazzle plans and photos) will be opened until April 9, 2009.

Modern Dazzle

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Greek construction tycoon Dakis Joannou had Jeff Koons paint his yacht Guilty. Koons’ inspiration was dazzle camouflage (ARTnews November 2008, p. 60). Images

Exhibit and Symposium

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The “Bedazzled” Exhibit and the “Artists at War: Exploring the Connections Between Art and Camouflage” Symposium will examine the questions surrounding the relationship of art and camouflage.

This free and open to the public exhibit will be at:

The Fleet Library at RISD, January 26-March 29, 2009 during library hours (Monday-Friday 8:30am-7pm, Saturday 10am-6pm, and Sunday noon-7pm).

The symposium will be in:

The Michael P. Metcalf Auditorium in RISD’s Chace Center and is also free and open to the public on February 14, 2009 from 2-4 pm.

The exhibit will focus on three areas: what is camouflage?; dazzle camouflage; and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) student work involving camouflage.

The symposium will be comprised of four talks:

Peter Harrington, Curator of Brown’s Military Collection, will explore the relationship of art and camouflage throughout history.

Daniel Harkett, Assistant Professor, Dept. of History of Visual Art and Culture at RISD, will discuss the art movements of World War I with an emphasis on British Modernism and will examine the question, did camouflage influence art or did art influence camouflage?

Roy Behrens, RISD alumni and a professor of Graphic Design at University of Northern Iowa, will discuss the life of Everett Longley Warner, an artist and camoufleur during World War I and II, and what it was like to be a camoufleur.

Claudia Covert, Readers Services Librarian at the Fleet Library @ RISD, will bring to light RISD’s dazzle camouflage collection and share the stories her research has revealed and what mysteries remain to be solved.