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World War II Ship in Dazzle

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While dazzle camouflage is mostly associated with World War I it was used some in Word War II. Here is the USS Bush before it was painted battleship grey.


Liverpool Open Eye Photography Gallery

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The gallery’s new space is opening tomorrow. The facade of the gallery has a temporary installation of work by S Mark Gubb, a Cardiff based artist. Gubb’s installation is called Good Sailing and incorporates dazzle camouflage.

New RISD Dazzle website address

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The RISD Dazzle website has changed. It is now:

Dazzle prints for sale

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We are offering ten of our dazzle plans as high quality archival prints. They are available online, through risd|works (under “Fine Art”). International orders please call risd|works at 401-277-4949.

The library plans to release an edition of ten plans (five sets of starboard and port sides) annually. This year’s edition is selections from Type 1 and Type 2 representing Tankers and Standard Steel ships. Proceeds benefit the Fleet Library at RISD’s special collections and exhibitions. The dazzle collection is housed in special collections and the funds raised will help preserve this collection.

The prints are the size of the original plans (10 or 14 by 34). All of the Type 2s are 14 inches high and all of the Type 1s are 10 inches high.

Exhibit Extended

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Update: The first floor of the exhibit (including history of camouflage and dazzle plans and photos) will be opened until April 9, 2009.

Maurice L Freedman

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Maurice L  Freedman, RISD Alumnus, was the district camoufleur in Florida during World War I.  After the war he attended RISD and donated the dazzle plans and photos.  He was born in New York in 1898 and died in Massachusetts in 1983.  We don’t know much about Maurice.  Hoping someone knows more.


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We have sold out of posters.  We hope to be offering more in September 2009 during RISD by Design Weekend.  If you would like to be notified when they will be available please email us.